Wash Her With the WORD

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Husbands are called to imitate Jesus in relating to their wives (Ephesians 5:25). We are to provide and protect our wives physically and spiritually. One way in particular that is done is by “the washing of water with the word” (v.26)—bathing your wife in the Word of God.

Pray Scripture for your wife. Leave notecards with passages that would be especially encouraging to her. Make time for her during the day to enjoy uninterrupted time reading the Bible. Equip her to study Scripture well.

There are many ways for husbands to do this. But as you start thinking about a Christmas gift for your bride, I want to encourage you husbands towards two specific options.

First, give her a copy of Jen Wilken’s Women of the Word for Christmas, and then make the time for her to be able to read it and the Bible. Take the kids out of the house on Saturday mornings. Do end-of-the-day chores to free her up. Arrange a “mommy’s helper” to come over during the day. Be intentional about asking her what she’s learning to motivate her to keep reading.

This book will help your wife study the Bible for herself better. And no matter what stage of life your wife is in, she needs the Spirit to stir her soul through his Word.

Second, bless your wife by making arrangements for her to be able to attend a weekly Bible study where she can hone her study skills and connect and pray with other ladies. You can even print up a little certificate to put beneath the tree to let her know you’ve lined up all the details to free her to attend.

One option along these lines is a new women’s Bible study that will be held at Five Points starting January 8. Every Thursday morning from 10-11:30am, I will be applying simple Bible study methods like what Wilken offers in her book to a study of Colossians. Half our time will be spent in the Word, and the other half will be for the ladies to pray, talk specifically about how Colossians applies to their lives, and enjoy each other’s company. Childcare will be provided for a minimal fee ($5/child, $8/two children, $10/family cap) so that even moms with littles can attend.

What other ideas do you have for ways to wash your wife with the water of the Word?

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