Building Campaign



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We want to see our mission sustained and expanded.

That mission is to glorify God in all that we do through the Spirit by finding our joy so supremely in Christ that it overflows in a desire to draw our neighbors and the nations into worship of God with us now and forever.

For 83 years, we've been pursuing this mission by proclaiming the gospel, equipping Christians for the worship of God in all of life, cultivating authentic community, lovingly serving with Spirit-given gifts, and spreading the gospel through mission-focused living, all from the corner of Squirrel Road and Walton Boulevard in Auburn Hills. Lord willing, we will continue to pursue this mission here until Christ returns.

We are moving forward in bold faith...

with the construction of a new sanctuary and a capital campaign to fund it, but our goal is not merely to update and expand our physical footprint. No, this building serves to point us beyond the walls to our great God who is our dwelling place. Ultimately, we long for people to know Him better and for more people to know Him as their greatest delight.

Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever! Amen. - Revelation 7:12

A building is not the goal, but it is a tool.

As Christ commissioned, our priority is people being baptized and discipled. Our desire is for this building to serve the people who gather in them. Prior to the start of Phase 1 in 2018, three buildings comprised our current facility, two of which were built well over fifty years ago. They were tools that have served well for decades, but the existing sanctuary is no longer even functional and needs to be removed and replaced to better serve the corporate worship and equipping of a community of our size.

With this in mind, the design and construction of the building we are moving forward with will result in a much better suited tool for our mission. Moreover, new construction better stewards our funds that otherwise would go towards needed yet temporary renovations. This will be more easily accessed by the guests who join us in worship.

We will have a more hospitable venue and intentionally designed spaces to cultivate unity in relationships. A dedicated sanctuary will more readily foster undistracted worship of the Lord Jesus Christ and allow us to pursue ministry opportunities presently hindered by meeting in a gymnasium.

Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations. - Psalm 90:1

We are giving ourselves to this vision in bold, confident faith.

Our only hope in this life and the next is God Himself. Our only confidence is in Him. With rising building costs and an ever-changing, unpredictable culture desperately in need of the gospel, we are moving forward with what God has already provided and trust Him to provide all that we need. Accordingly, we are pursuing a three-year capital campaign that started August 2023 with the goal of raising $4,000,000. Our goal is to begin construction on a dedicated sanctuary and central foyer in Spring 2024 with completion by year end of 2024!

As one who shares our vision of God and a love for His glory to be communicated throughout the world, we are asking you to join us in this faith-filled venture.

Pray that God would accomplish His mission through our engagement in His redemptive purposes.

Pray that He would provide all that we need for this building project while keeping our focus on the grander purposes of gospel ministry.

Pray that He would be shown to be our greatest treasure as we selfessly and joyfully give to the advance of the gospel from this corner.

We invite you to give. We desire your sacrificial participation at any amount. We are seeking to have as many people as possible join us in rejoicing in what we trust the Lord will do through this campaign. Our goal is 100% participation from our Five Points family in whatever amount the Lord leads.

He is already at work as we have received $750,000 in matching funds for this campaign. Our hope—and what we are asking the Lord—is for the full $4,000,000 to be pledged so construction on the new sanctuary can begin in Spring 2024.

We are pursuing grants and contributions beyond the Five Points family to strive by faith in our great God to help meet this goal.

We invite you to begin giving towards this project now. As you prayerfully consider the amount you would pledge towards this campaign, the enclosed card is designed be returned to the church. Please continue to pray for God’s glory to be seen and treasured by us, our neighbors, and the nations.

To meet our goal for the new sanctuary, we ask you to pray that God will enable you to fulfill the pledge you make to Him towards this vision so that in all things He receives the glory and we get the joy of seeing this vision accomplished by His grace.

We are grateful for your partnership in pursuing this mission with us for the glory and praise of God.


If you have any questions about the building campaign, please contact Mike Martoia or Tony Antone.