New City Catechism Resources

Despite widely being used throughout much of church history, the practice of using catechisms to teach and instill rich biblical truth into children and adults has fallen on hard times. One way to revive this beneficial Christian discipline is by studying and memorizing the New City Catechism. Each week on Wednesday evenings, our children systematically work through each question. As we seek to commit these foundational doctrines to memory, we pray the Lord will use them to renew our minds and help us take all our thoughts captive to obey Jesus Christ!

Below are links to a variety of resources to help you and your family solidify the catechism questions and answers in your minds.

New City Catechism App
A free app containing the entire catechism, commentaries, verses, songs, and prayers, is available for free on iOS and Android. A web version is also available here.

New City Catechism Music
Songs to help in memorizing the catechism are available on Spotify and Apple Music.

New City Catechism Books
Physical copies of the catechism are available from Amazon: