Our Mission & Convictions

Five Points exists

to glorify God through the Spirit by pursuing joy in Christ alone that our neighbors and the nations worship Him with us now and forever.

Our Convictions

We are driven as a church by this biblical vision of God, so we intend to live out this vision by:

Savoring that vision in gospel-centered worship.

We value worship in all aspects of life because we value God supremely and want our worship to match that value.

Sweetening that vision in gospel-centered community.

We value authentic, life-together relationships because they are a picture of the Triune God who has always been in community.

Strengthening that vision in gospel-centered service.

We value service because the Spirit has given to each one of us gifts in order to extend love to one another.

Spreading that vision in gospel-centered mission.

We value the advance of the gospel where we live, work, and play both here and cross-culturally because that is God's purpose in creation.

The gospel is central to all that we are and do

because it shapes and informs every aspect of life. It is the reality that God loves the communication of his glory so much that his Son died in the place of sinners like us and was raised from the dead that all who believe in Jesus would enjoy a restored relationship with God forever.