Redeem Marriage Seminar Resources

Posted by Brett Toney on

This past November, we hosted Pastor Robert & Karen Cheong for a weekend seminar titled "Redeem Marriage." It was a fruitful and practical discussion of how the gospel shapes and changes how we relate to our spouses.

If you weren't able to join us for the seminar or want to review what the Cheongs shared, the video from all four sessions is now available. The notes packet is also available for you to use to follow along as the Cheongs share.

Consider watching through each of the sessions with your spouse, taking time to answer the questions and do the exercises they mention. Maybe plan to watch one a week after the kids go to bed or see if grandma can watch the kids for a Saturday morning so you can watch all four sessions at once.

Making the time to invest in your marriage and ensure you are applying the gospel to that relationship will reap tenfold in your parenting, interaction with non-Christians, and relationships with other family and friends.

May God be praised as Christ is exalted in marriage.

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