Members' Meeting Recap

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Last night’s Members’ Meeting was an encouraging time, and I wanted to write a quick update for those unable to attend.

Perhaps the best part of the evening was seeing Kyo Oh ordained to serve as an elder. For a number of years now Kyo has been serving as an elder “ex officio” while preparing for ordination. The elders examined him last week, and last night the voting members affirmed him for ordination with unanimous approval. We concluded the meeting with Pastor JJ leading the ordination as the elders prayed for God to bless Kyo’s elder ministry.

Another exciting component of the meeting was receiving fifteen people into covenant membership. When you get a chance, greet these new members:

  • Mike & Michelle Carpenter
  • Johnny & Brittany Brines
  • Sue McFarlane (husband, Jim, is already a member)
  • Andrew Kern
  • Tammy DeYoung
  • Stephanie DeYoung
  • Mary Novell (husband, Jim, is already a member)
  • Larry & Joyce Milke
  • Jason & Lindsay Wood
  • Paul & Stephanie Shefcyk

Dick Mills and Ken Whitley provided a report on our finances and the elders’ recommended 2016 budget. While our giving has been trending upwards since March, we are still currently anticipating needing about $200,000 to be given between now and the end of the year. Please join us in praying for God to provide for all that we need and consider how you might partner with us in making a special year-end gift (contributions can be made by cash, check or online). Also, you can review the recommended 2016 budget and ask questions following the morning service on Sunday, November 22 and December 6; elders will be available in the Library. 

Last, there was a unanimous vote of approval for the constitutional amendments and “Statement on Marriage, Gender & Sexuality.” Praise God for this single-minded devotion to the authority of God’s Word to speak to all aspects of life. In the coming months, we will likely be asking all of our covenant members to re-affirm their agreement with our constitution, by-laws, and affirmation of faith.

We have much to be grateful for at Five Points, and I hope last night’s meeting gives fodder for your thanksgiving this upcoming week.

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Ruth Rowe November 20, 2015 10:16am

Thank you for this good summary and for the names of new members. It is good to know correct spelling.