Christ, Not Kids, at the Center

Posted by Brett Toney on

The audio from the session of the marriage seminar, "Christ, Not Kids, at the Center" is now available. Mike & Susan Hanafee shared about how even in the throes of parenting, Christ must remain the central, orienting figure in your marriage.

In the first two sessions of the seminar, Mike offered ten things to keep in mind in your marriage:

  1. Your marriage is under satanic siege!
  2. Your spouse is not your savior, Jesus is.
  3. When you are ticked, don't forget the stack. [Remember all that you have been forgiven by God in Christ.]
  4. Talk to each other and leave the kids out.
  5. Prioritize sex.
  6. If you're not moving toward each other, you're drifting away from each other.
  7. If you don't drop the past, the past will drop your relationship.
  8. There is only one perfect marriage, and it ain't yours.
  9. Your struggles move you from boxed wine to fine wine.
  10. Marriage is mission.

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