The G Family-Transplanting their Joy

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Being born and raised in southern California, there were many significant "firsts" arriving here in Michigan almost 25 years ago. That first winter Surprised, the birth of my third child and coming here to Five Points 15 years ago. First friends here in Michigan hold a special place in my heart and Marty and I are so privileged to have as our first friends at Five Points Kevin and Angela G. When we first came to Five Points we attended a small group at the G family's home on the Perspectives of the World Christian Movement, the video version. Gathering together in their basement, with their 2 little girls (only 2 at that time!) we could sense the Lord's calling them into the work of cross cultural ministry even to unreached peoples. We were not sure how or where the Lord would lead the G family but always knew whether they remained here in Michigan or overseas, their passion was for the unreached and spreading that passion was their heart's desire.

Over the years (and 3 children later!) the G family remained faithful to their calling as they served in countless ministries to the unreached through ministering to international students, hosting small groups focusing on missions and Kevin becoming our mission committee chairman. Under Kevin's leadership we enlarged our mission vision, increased the care of our missionaries and provided opportunities to educate our congregation of the great joy and responsibility of the great commission. The possibility of actually being sent out themselves was always on their heart as the whole family took advantage of a short term opportunity living in Mexico and Marty and I had the great joy of working together with Kevin on a short term trip to Kazakhstan. As a committee we always tried coming up with a name for our mission conferences (usually to no avail!) and we finally decided to come up with one name for all our mission endeavors. Since the Planting Joy campaign was beginning, Kevin came up with the theme of Transplanting Joy so in honor of the G family we'd like to reintroduce Transplanting Joy to our church family.

Kevin, Angela, Myah, Haley, Shelby, Lilly and Jackson will indeed be transplanting their joy on February 22 as the family departs for East Asia to work among the unreached people for the sake of the gospel. On Sunday February 21 our church family will officially commission them for this work and have opportunity to express our love and appreciation at a luncheon held right after the service. The menu will consist of the G family's favorite foods (including the kids favorites!) and note cards will be available to write words of encouragement to them. We join with so many of you in missing them greatly but they will always remain an integral part of our church family. As a mission committee we pledge to keep you all posted on their work and how we can continue to uphold them before the throne of grace. If you are new to Five Points please and introduce yourself to this special family. Lord willing we will be hearing great news for many years of what the Lord is doing through the G family.

On behalf of the mission committee, we look forward to seeing many of you on Febraury 21 for this very special event!


Sandy Mirek February 16, 2016 3:41pm

They will be missed! Angela especially has been a tremendous blessing to my own family. I know she will bless many more to come in China! I look forward to hearing what the Lord will do!