The Becca Prange Ministry CarePoint

Posted by Brett Toney on

Yesterday morning we announced the launch of the Becca Prange Ministry CarePoint through the work of Christ’s Hope International. This ministry center will endeavor to provide for some of the basic necessities of children in Kenya as a context for sharing the hope of the gospel and discipleship.

Each CarePoint serves fifty children. I received word that after yesterday’s launch, forty-two children registered at the Becca Prange Ministry CarePoint have been sponsored. Furthermore, with the surplus of start-up funds given toward this CarePoint, Christ’s Hope International will be establishing the Becca Prange Community Center. This is a facility that will be able to host four additional CarePoints and minister to an additional two hundred children.

Join us in praising God for these provisions. If you would like to read more about Becca’s story or get involved in pursuing your joy in Christ alone that Kenyans might worship him with us now and forever, see Christ’s Hope International’s website.