Puritan Work Available Free Online

Posted by Mark Kakkuri on

In my ongoing work with Don Kistler and The Northampton Press, I've offered to put one of the finished, edited, but yet un-printed Northampton books into blog form. Check out The Man of God Blog which features several posts -- a start of what I hope will eventually be dozens of book excerpts in blog post form. All the material comes from the book, Man of God, by Octavius Winslow, which awaits the funds for print production at The Northampton Press.

While part of my purpose is to generate growing awareness of The Northampton Press, the Winslow text, and Don's teaching ministry, I'm more interested in bringing excellent material like this to bear in the lives of readers here at Five Points and all over the world. That we can have access to this information and publish it on a free blog site and link to the Five Points website is a tremendous gift of God. I don't want us to miss its significance and the opportunity to be good stewards of it.

Regarding the book itself, I've only read through a few of these chapters and so far am amazed at its clarity and depth, theologically and practically. I've read other works by Winslow and find him to be a trusted, faithful voice that clearly and pastorally applies biblical truth to his readers.

Other than posting portions of each chapter in short chunks, the only other changes I am making are to title each post as descriptively as I can, include the key chapter verse at the beginning of each post, and add a question or two for consideration at the end.

I trust that as readers become familiar with the blog that they'll freely comment on it.

I welcome your input on any of this project and invite you to promote and distribute the blog and its posts wherever you'd like. There's an easy means to subscribe to the blog via email; please encourage anyone to sign up who might benefit.

By the way, The Man of God Blog is not limited to men. Women are of course welcome to read it and will benefit just as much, too.