Praying the Bible

Posted by Katie Carroll on

In yesterday's sermon, Living by Prayer, Pastor JJ commended us to begin praying the Scriptures as a means of communing with God. But what does it look like to listen to the Word of God, rather than filling the silence of our prayer time with our own words and requests?

Pastor JJ pointed us to this helpful resource, Donald Whitney's Praying the Bible, which is currently available on Kindle (on sale for $7.99) and will be available in print on July 31. 

Does this sound like your own prayer life?

When you pray, does it ever feel like you’re just saying the same old things about the same old things?

Offering us the encouragement and the practical advice we’re all looking for, Donald S. Whitney, best-selling author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, outlines an easy-to-grasp method that has the power to transform our prayer life: praying the words of Scripture. Simple, yet profound, Praying the Bible will prove invaluable as you seek to commune with your heavenly Father in prayer each and every day.

Donald Whitney explains that when we pray, we pray the same way, which leads our hearts and minds to wander and lead us away from thoughts about God. If prayer bores us it will feel like a chore and we will begin to wonder if God is bored with our prayers. 

If you identify with this scene, consider changing your method of prayer and dive into this resource on praying the Scriptures. May the Word of the Lord breathe new life into your prayers, leading you to new refreshment in communion with the living, all-powerful God of the universe. 


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