Partnering With Us

Posted by JJ Sherwood on

As Christmas 2017 has come and gone, we remember that Advent is not only a time to look back, but also a time to look forward with hope-filled longing and waiting as we anticipate what God will continue to do as we wait for Jesus to come again and make all things new once and for all. So as we wait, we ask that you would pray with us in a few ways. First, pray that God would establish the work of our hands in providing all that we need to spread the good news of great joy for all peoples! We long for our neighbors and the nations to worship God with us now and forever. Your partnering with us in prayer, in serving, and with year-end financial gifts will further the gospel ministry God has called us to on this corner in Southeast Michigan for the glory of His Great Name! We praise God for the way He has built His Church in 2017 and we wait expectantly upon Him to continue His work of building His Church in 2018!

Second, pray that God would establish the work of our hands in providing all that we need for the Planting Joy campaign. Your partnering with us in prayer and with year-end financial gifts will allow us to not only finish Phase 1, but will help us to begin Phase 2 and the construction of a sanctuary. If you would like to make a year-end contribution to the expenses of Five Points or the Planting Joy campaign, you can give online, give during our normal Sunday morning offering, or mail your gift to the church office (postmarked by December 31 for a 2017 tax-deductible receipt). We praise God for how He has provided additional space for us to worship Him, equip the saints for the work of the ministry, and make disciples for the glory of His Great Name! We wait expectantly for Him to provide all we need to see the vision of this campaign fulfilled!

Finally, pray that God would pour out His mercy and grace upon His people at Five Points and cause us to grow deeper in our faith, our hope, and our love for God alone in 2018. Augustine wrote: “The sum of all our goods, and our perfect good, is God. We must not fall short of this, nor seek anything beyond it; the first is dangerous, the other impossible.” Let us spur one another on to passionately pursue God as our greatest good. We can do this, by grace and with the Spirit’s help, as we encourage one another to remember, and never forget, there is no greater good in all the universe than God Himself. As we pursue our joy in God, and find Him to be our supreme good, we pray our neighbors and the nations would not only hear our proclamation of the good news of what God has done in Christ by the Spirit, but would see our joyful satisfaction in Him as well and worship Him with us, both now and forevermore!

May your remembering who God is and what He has done this Advent season renew your joyful pursuit of Him in the New Year!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor JJ