Missions Team Update

Posted by Debby Schmitt on

I'm often asked about the life of missions here, especially mission conferences.  "Do we have them any more?" "When is our opportunity to meet our missionaries?"  I'm happy to report that the answer is yes and no!  Under the guidance of the elders, we have have endeavored to bring missions before our congregation throughout the year, not just at a week long conference. Last year alone we were able to have 10 missionaries visiting us at different times!  It is our prayer that our congregation would have ample opportunities to interact with our missionaries, yet realizing it is also beneficial to have  concentrated times of missions awareness for what God is accomplishing in our world.  We are looking to provide those opportunities as well different areas of possible outreach to our community.  We appreciate your prayers as we strive to move forward,  ever advancing his name where it is not known.  
Coming in November, we will have a special time of mission emphasis with the McKenney and R families. Look for details on the website and in our worship folder. 
For the sake of His name,
    Debby Schmitt on behalf of the Missions Team



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