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As a church that values gospel-centered mission, we desire to be a people who live with intentionality, desiring to commend Christ to whoever we can. Now imagine an opportunity where nearly all of your neighbors are expecting you to knock on their door, and you get to have a chance to talk with them when throughout most of the year, they may stay mostly to themselves.

Sounds like a perfect match. And that match is called Halloween.

Here in a few weeks, this golden opportunity will be here for us to take advantage of. I’ve personally been helped by a couple blog posts in thinking through how my family can further develop relationships with our neighbors that we might gain a hearing for the gospel.

Here’s one that gives five simple, practical steps to take to carry out our value of gospel-centered mission come trick-or-treat time: Check your conscience. When people knock, answer. Visit every house on your block. Be creative. Pray—a lot.

And here’s another blog by a friend from a few years ago who poses a slew of questions to consider in the weeks leading up to All Hallows’ Eve.

Here’s two specific examples to spur on your thinking in loving your neighbors this Halloween:

1. I recall a Five Points family who last year didn’t just give out tracts or even those piddly pieces of candy but rather the king-size candy bars. How very similar to the gospel to have such a generous gift given so freely! Maybe swing by Costco this year and get the good candy.

2. This year, my family plans on rolling the grill out to the street and cooking up hotdogs for our neighbors. It doesn’t take much to make happen, and, Lord willing, we’ll start new friendships and go further in current ones with our neighbors.

What ideas do you have? How can you make the most of Halloween for pursuing the joy of your neighbors?

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