Building Update & New Pastor

Posted by Brett Toney on

Please join us for our next Members’ Meeting on Sunday, February 22, at 5pm. During the meeting, learn the latest news about the Planting Joy building project and covenant members will have the opportunity to vote on a new pastoral position.

New Pastoral Position

Mentioned at our November 2014 Members’ Meeting, the elders are now to the point of recommending that we increase our 2015 budget from $943,600 to $1,025,000, so that we can pursue a fourth pastor to serve as Pastor for Student Discipleship & Music.

This position will continue excellence in student discipleship and increase effectiveness in our music ministry. Furthermore, creating and filling this position allows Pastor JJ Sherwood to shift his attention to equipping us as the body of Christ to better engage in personal discipleship. He will be responsible for advancing the direction and integration of Bible Study Hour, Evening Family Gathering and other teaching outlets, further developing our Shepherd Group ministry, overseeing leadership development, and spearheading efforts in church planting.

Behind this fourth pastoral position is the conviction that Jesus is building his church and the gospel must advance. We want to staff for growth, both in the spiritual maturity of those at Five Points as well as seeing more of our neighbors worshiping Christ with us now and forever.

This new position provides for the faithful shepherding of our students and music ministry while further advancing the cause of Christ in Southeast Michigan and beyond.

Planting Joy Update

We are close to a firmer building plan and timeline for Phase 1 of our Planting Joy building project. After selling eight acres of our property, a team has adjusted the building plans so that a dedicated sanctuary is part of Phase 1.

While the cost of Phase 1 is not set, we think we will need to raise approximately $1 million. As such, we ask that you would begin praying and asking the Lord how you might give towards this project. We will launch a new pledge drive as soon as we have more defined building plans and costs. Depending on several factors, we may be able to start construction as early as this Fall.

The elders will provide more details at the February 22 Members’ Meeting. As always, feel free to contact me or any of the elders beforehand.