Behind the Façade

Posted by Brett Toney on

Hopefully you have seen or heard about by now of the undercover videos that capture the admission of Planned Parenthood representatives to selling the body parts of aborted children.

I read a few articles over the weekend about it and thought I'd share a brief round up.

  • Ross Douthat, writing for the New York Times, writes of how our society can no longer just ignore the heinous realities of abortion.
  • This article gives some background on the individual leading the undercover investigation and indicates ten more videos are still yet to be released.
  • Doug Wilson, in his typical direct and in-your-face way, relates Planned Parenthood to ISIS. He concludes with Wilberforce's powerful quote, "You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Don't look the other way. Our society has been given a glimpse behind the façade of Planned Parenthood's "reproductive health services." Pray that the Lord would grant repentance and faith in Christ in a massive about-face as image bearers are valued for who they are. And consider taking local action by partnering with Crossroads Pregnancy Center.

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