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Starting this Sunday, September 7, we have new Bible Study Hour classes (9:30 am) for adults that are starting. Cindy Verner will continue to teach a women's study on the Gospel of John (in Rooms C & D), and Mike Houston, elder, and Eric Leiendecker, deacon, will continue to lead the College & Career class (Room A). I will be teaching through the Old Testament book of Daniel in the sanctuary with some other elders. And two of our other elders, Mark Kakkuri and Kyo Oh, will be teaching a class on the doctrines of grace (in Rooms I & J).

Here is how Mark described the class he and Kyo will be teaching:

"The world should realize with increased clearness that Evangelicalism stands or falls with Calvinism."

Provocative, eh? Those 14 words are the first words of the first chapter of The Doctrines of Grace, the book that forms the basis of a new Bible Study Hour class that starts Sunday, September 7, in Rooms I & J at 9:30 a.m.

Kyo Oh and I will be teaching this class and we invite you to join us for an in-depth look at the gospel of Jesus Christ, a gospel of grace.

You should join us...

  • If you're new to Five Points, as this class will help explain more about our theological foundation.
  • If you're new to terms such as "Calvinism" or "reformed theology" or acronyms such as "TULIP" and want to know more.
  • If you're interested in seeing the glory of God and the gospel transform relationships.
  • If you love the gospel and are amazed at God's grace with you.
  • If you wonder what all the theological fuss is about.

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