Gospel Hope in Uncertain Times

Are You Looking for Unshakable Hope In An Ever-Changing World? It Can Only Be Found in the Gospel.

This is a difficult season for us all, but Five Points Community Church is here to help and offer hope. The hope we have is not something we can give you, but someone to whom we can point you: Jesus Christ! Below are more resources to help you find security and hope in our never-changing God in our ever-changing world.

"Here’s the gospel in a phrase: Because Jesus Christ died for us, those who trust in Him may know that their guilt before God has been pardoned once and for all. What will we have to say before the bar of God’s holy judgment? Only one thing: Jesus died in my place. That’s the gospel."

 Alistair Begg

Resources if you are...

Trying to make sense of the coronavirus and wondering where God is in all of this?

Wanting to know more about the gospel?

Struggling with anxiety?

Struggling with Loneliness? 

In the grip of illness?

Seeking to parent your children well during this time?

Additional Resources