Reorienting Resurrection Realities

Posted by Brett Toney on

As we prepare our hearts this week for the sorrow of Good Friday and victorious exuberance of Resurrection Sunday, it is good for us to see the connection of that sorrow and joy with our call to gospel-centered mission.

Writing for The Gospel Coalition, Steven Lee hits the nail on the head:

Evangelism rises or falls based upon the reality of the resurrection. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, there is no good news to share: sin and death still reign, we worship a dead and decomposing deity, and Christians should be pitied because we are deceived and pathetic. On the other hand, if the resurrection is true, every Christian should be compelled to share this good news liberally and with great joy.

He goes on to list five realities about the resurrection of Jesus that reorient our evangelistic efforts:

  1. Because the resurrection is true, proclaiming the gospel bears fruit and gives birth to faith that leads to life.
  2. Because the resurrection is true, we can rightly represent God.
  3. Because the resurrection is true, your sins have been forgiven.
  4. Because the resurrection is true, all who die in Christ live forever.
  5. Because the resurrection is true, we live enviable lives.

How has the historic and remarkable resurrection of Jesus altered the way you think about or carry out your efforts of evangelism?