Busy Hearts

Posted by Katie Carroll on

In his book, Side by Side, Ed Welch explains, “The circumstances of life are easy to understand, but it is at the center of these—our hearts—where things get complicated. Our hearts are always stirring with activity.”

As our Shepherd Groups continue in the study through Ed Welch’s Side-By-Side, here are a two resources to help guide you as you consider your busy heart that is your spiritual center.

CCEF, the organization Welch is affiliated with, is live-streaming their national conference this weekend. You can watch it live here beginning at 9:00 am on Friday, October 16. The conference is designed to help guide us in our skills of both asking for help and giving help as God uses ordinary people like us to meet needs in our church community.

On the Gospel-Centered Discipleship blog, Brad Andrews wrote a post on identifying what you worship. Addressing the surface idols in our lives is the first step towards identifying what’s going on deep in our hearts. Andrews is addressing the same dynamic Welch does in the early chapters of his book.

If you are not part of a Shepherd Group and would be interested in joining one to continue this study with us and be further discipled, please contact the church office or look at the group listing on our website.


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